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Run Time: approximately 2 hours & 30 minutes


Dates:  Friday, April 27 @ 7:00PM

Saturday, April 28 @ 7:00PM

Sunday, April 29 @ 7:00PM

Thursday, May 3 @ 7:00PM

Friday, May 4 @ 7:00PM

Saturday, May 5 @ 7:00PM


Wentworth Lear Historic Houses, Lear Barn 

50 Mechanic Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

FREE FOR ALL, Or Pay What You Will 



"The play's the thing."

In partnership with Wentworth Lear Historic Houses, 7SSC presents the bard’s most iconic work of art, Hamlet. Placed inside the historic barn at the Wentworth Lear House, this exploration of existential crisis and the ennui of isolation (in a world that is hell bent on connectivity) will be held up against the intimacy, charm and chamber-like warmth of the barn. The human condition will be at the center of this exploration, by stripping the production of intense costuming, sets and props focusing rather on the text of the play, the artists and audience brought together in the same room to share in the story under the warmth of Edison lights and blankets.

The ensemble will feature internationally acclaimed Shakespearean actors, early career artists from major American cities as well as Seacoast favorites.


Seating is limited, so reserve your FREE FOR ALL, Or Pay What You Will seat today! Also, a select number of FREE FOR ALL, Or Pay What You Will tickets will be available one hour prior to every show on standby line at the barn at Wentworth Lear Historic Houses.

Evermore thanks to our Hospitality Partner: Mayfair House




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Sponsored by

M. Christine Dwyer

& Michael Huxtable

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