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Shakespeare Beat Night    April 21, 2016



Beat Night is a 23-year-old poetry & music event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


Performers read with a full band. They give a few words about the tone, style or mood they want for their piece and the band improvises something just for that. The results range from playful to awe-inspiring. Beat Night is a mutual exchange of inspiration between performer, band, and audience and it’s never the same thing twice.


In Beat Night tradition, we celebrated the Bard's birthday and legacy (which was just two days after this event) with an evening of poetry and spoken word, accompanied by live music, and inspired by William Shakespeare, curated by former Portsmouth Poet Laureate John-Michael Albert and hosted by our Master of Revels Bruce Pingree. The first hour was a presentation of invited performers, and the second hour was an open mic for all!


As always, this was FREE FOR ALL, Or Pay What You Will.

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