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The Comedy of Errors, 2014



A benefit production for Prescott Park Arts Festival

Quick Info


Run Time: approximately 2 hours, including intermission.


Dates: Sundays at 3PM

July 13th - August 17th

Location: Prescott Park, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Price: FREE FOR ALL, Or Pay What You Will

Two sets of twins separated at birth turn a secluded bayou town on its head for the strangest afternoon on record when they unwittingly cross paths in Shakespeare's boisterous farce. The visiting twins from hated Syracuse find themselves greeted by strangers and given unsolicited gifts, the hometown twins native to Ephesus find themselves locked out of their home and inexplicably pestered by police and creditors alike, and the rest of the town is left seeing double and trying to sort out the incredibly unusual sequence of events...



Stories & Reviews


"The bar is raised with the latest Shakespeare in the Park."  Portsmouth Herald, Spotlight Magazine


"'The Comedy of Errors' features the great performances the community has come to expect from Seven Stages Shakespeare Company productions and, again, a director that makes the Bard, William Shakespeare, both accessible and interesting." Portsmouth Herald, Spotlight Magazine


"'The Comedy of Errors' is silly, light Shakespeare, which happens to be astutely and handily executed. If Shakespeare is on your bucket list, here's a perfect time to take the plunge." Portsmouth Herald, Spotlight Magazine

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Kevin Condardo
Produced by Prescott Park Arts Festival
Presented by Seven Stages Shakespeare Company

Dan Beaulieu

Meredith Caple

Scott Caple

Tara Conway

G. Matthew Gaskell

Rich Harris

Bill Humphreys

Sara LaFlamme

CJ Lewis

Megan O'Connor

Ryan Salvato

Chris Savage

James Sears

Nate Speckman

Matthew Von Richards

Cast & Crew




DTC Lawyers:

Donahue, Tucker & Ciandella, PLLC 

Portsmouth Gas Light Company 





Photos by Bushor Photography

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