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PERICLES, April 2022. Photo credit: Ben Kramer Photography

It is with regret we share the news that 7SSC will be taking a hiatus for the remainder of 2023 as we take time to pause and evaluate the future of the company. It has been a difficult couple of years, for reasons both large and small, professional and personal, individual and universal, for all of us. 


Life has presented us all with challenges that may have seemed unimaginable a mere three years ago. While we had hoped to spend 2023 celebrating the 400th anniversary of the First Folio and the founding of Portsmouth, NH by producing our most ambitious project yet—Bard Bash—we’ll instead shift our focus to explore where we’ve been as a company, where we are in this moment, and where and who we want to be for our future. 


It has been a remarkable ten years bringing people together from the Seacoast and beyond to share in the humanity of Shakespeare’s stories. We’re grateful for each of you who’ve shown your support in action and word over the last decade, and we owe it to you and to ourselves to take stock of our journey thus far and set a solid foundation for what is to come. 


We thank you all for your patience and understanding and look forward to what 7SSC is To Be in 2024.

"'Tis twenty years till then".

Pray, what's the news?

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Oh hey! Welcome! From left to right we're Tim (he/him), Julia (she/her), Dan (they/them), Kevin (he/him), and Chrissie (she/her). 

We're glad you're here!


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