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About 7SSC


Founded in 2012 by Dan Beaulieu & Chrissie Penney, Seven Stages Shakespeare Company produces innovative and accessible presentations of the works of William Shakespeare in a range of dynamic formats. Whether a Bard aficionado or a first-time Shakespeare audience member or participant, our playful approach to Shakespeare of “passionate irreverence” helps you take Shakespeare off the proverbial shelf and into the world you live in.

At the heart of our mission is accessibility for all audiences. We create programming that is artistically, physically, and fiscally accessible. No one should be denied the opportunity to experience art due to financial reasons. To that end, everything we do is FREE FOR ALL, Or Pay What You Will.  

7SSC's Mission:


Seven Stages Shakespeare Company is committed to illuminating William Shakespeare's work and continuing influence through artistically excellent and financially accessible productions and programs created to engage, enliven, and enlighten both company and community.

Accessibility. We believe theatre is nothing without its audience. Creating programming that is artistically, fiscally, and physically accessible is critical to the success of the company. 


Development. We believe development is protection for the future and a staple of a well functioning organization. Through workshops and collaborations, we believe we can foster an environment that helps artists grow, learn, and share what they’ve discovered with others. 

Fiscal Responsibility. We believe fiscal responsibility is the cornerstone of any legitimate not-for-profit organization that wants to be relevant in the future. 

Creativity. We believe creativity across the board is an invaluable part of our success. We strive to be a trendsetting company, and believe creativity is intrinsic to developing programming that is both challenging and meaningful. 


Excellence. We believe in setting a company wide standard of excellence artistically, programmatically, and administratively. 


Respect. We believe respect is the seed from which all good things grow. Respect for the work we are doing, the people we are doing it with, the people we are doing it for, and the world around us is of the utmost importance.

Collaboration. We believe partnership, team work, and group efforts will increase the range of topics both being presented and being talked about and will lead to a more well-rounded reflection of the diverse community we serve.


Dialogue. We believe dialogue is the cathartic response and endgame for most relevant works of art. Through engaging in dialogue, we are not only able to bring our work off the stage and into the world we live in, but are able to hear what others are saying, listen and respond. This is critical to an audience’s shared investment in the work they are seeing. 


Professionalism. We believe in the standards set forward by professional theatre agencies and expect everyone with whom we work to be treated, and treat each other, as the professionals they are. 

7SSC's Values

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