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“Do you love theater, hate theater, love shakespeare, not care too much for him, like to play, prefer just to watch, like to be challenged, play it safe, want to feel community and family with a bunch of strangers, want to experience something unlike anything you've been a part of before? Do yourself a favor and get yourself to The Winter's Tale. I'm going to try and avoid superlatives, as they are overused anyway, but I was moved, impressed, wowed, dazzled, inspired, joyed, hugged, nuzzled, sung to, danced with, included, accepted, invited, immersed, lost, found, reassured, and everything I would want from a performance experience and many more things that I would never think to want but glad to discover that I do. Just go.”

~Audience Member


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Season Sponsors:


Faith Harrington and Peter Lamb

          Ralph E. Ogden Foundation

Seven Stages Shakespeare Company  P.O. Box 774  Portsmouth, NH 03802-0774

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As You Like It, 2019

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